Falling Into The Marketing Trap – Automoblox Toy Cars For Me Or The Baby?

Recently I found myself picking up a couple Automoblox mini vehicles from Manhattan Toy for my son without even considering for a second whether he would enjoy the toy. Essentially I think I fell into a potential Apple trap where marketing, design and packaging made me pull the trigger without doing the evaluation that I would normally do before purchase. Fortunately, in this case I think I made the right call.

Basically I’ve bought 2 Automoblox mini vehicles for my son, and I find them shockingly addictive. Fortunately he seems to love them as well so I don’t feel so bad buying them. That said, I’ve also ordered 4 additional as ‘stocking stuffers’ for the Christmas Holiday that is still 2 months away. The first vehicles I bought are the following:
Automoblox Mini T900 Truck
Automoblox Mini C9-S Berlinetta

Here’s what I like about them.

  1. They look great. My opinion, you judge for yourself

  2. No sharp metal or hard plastic edges. We have leather couches and I’ve been really surprised how many toys that don’t look risky are actually able to leave marks on the leather. The Automoblox cars we have today are smooth enough that there have been no issues with furniture.
  3. They come apart and can be rearranged into new vehicle combinations. Each vehicle body breaks into 2 or more major pieces as well as the windshield can be removed as can the wheels. We haven’t shown our little guy that the wheels come off so he’s not tempted to put them in his mouth, but he enjoys disassembling and reasseembling the other components across vehicles.
  4. They appear to be pretty robust. We haven’t lost or broken any element of these cars yet despite very heavy use.

I can’t comment on the larger Automoblox cars, but I assume they are equally well put together, if not moreso.

Parenting Links Or Cleaning Out The Bookmarks

forget model planes and trains for your child, why not let them ply the waters in a working supertanker

Spring is turning to summer so there’s no better time than the present to teach your kids about plants and gardening. Don’t have a backyard or proper garden? No worries, check out Inhabitots’ post on Leafy Wonders’ Mini Garden Kit.

We’re all somewhat obsessed about our health and what we eat… often to the point of being unhealthy. UrbanBabyBuzz posted a quick review of “Feed the Belly,” a book of 70 recipes designed to address cravings and satisfy nutritional needs before and during pregnancy. I’m not recommending the book as I haven’t read it, but hey, maybe its worth a look. While on the topic of books, why not take a peek at Momnesia posted via CoolMomPicks.

Elephants and dominoes… born to be together? Via MyMomShops. It seems that Elephants aren’t the only african creatures made out of wood… CoolMomPicks posted about this wooden giraffe toy set not long ago. In fact I don’t see why the two shouldn’t be matched. You could easily haul those dominoes in the giraffe’s slick trailer.

Some kids like sailboats, others lust after canoes or speedboats. Something tells me there’s a kid or two here in Vancouver that might enjoy the chance to pilot one of those huge tankers that anchor out in English Bay… and it seems a lucky few might get a chance. Check out the Replica Oil Supertankers posted over at LikeCool! Man. I’d love to give one of these a shot.

Rubber Bandit Solid Wood Rubber Band Gun

I remember building rubber band guns as a kid, though they were hardly identifiable as guns. They tended to look move like sticks that occasionally managed to shoot an elastic in the general direction of my target.

I suspect that the Rubber Bandit will manage a more convincing gun imitation than my homebrew attempts. If only I knew of a local shop that stocked them… I’d love to give one of these babies a try.

Rubber Bandit. A relatively save gun mimic for your kids. Hey, you'll be less likely to shoot your eye out

Found at LikeCool