Baby Animals Before They Were Babies

National Geographic provides these incredible (albeit computer generated) images of baby animals in the womb.

Photos include:
Baby Elephant
Dog Fetus
Full Term Dog
Full Term Dolphin
Sperm En Route

The site also offers screensavers and wallpapers of these images.

While you’re there why not play the Identical Twins Game?
How identical are they?

Mommy, Where Does Milk Come From

Half and calf creamer pitcher will help you teach your kids about where milk comes from. has an easy answer to this particular question with their CALF & HALF udderly irresistible creamer… at least an easy way to help illustrate the answer.

When the question comes you just point at the jug as you explain how the plumbing works.

Too bad they couldn’t come up with something harmless like this for the inevitable, “Where do babies come from?”

Rebel In A Onesie? Why Not.

Where do babies come from? Mommy's uterus. The Uterus Onesie

Back to Etsy again, and this time to a seller with an odd theme – the uterus. This post is decidedly female-focused, though I guess a guy could wear a uterus. It’d just be a bit weird.

Harveyandeileen are currently selling a Pink Uterus Onesie as a souvenir of where your little miracle came from, and kind enough to depict that location before the little gem had her way with it.

Also on offer are Uterus Undies, Uterus Cards and Uterus gift certificates.