It Was Too Good To Last

We’ve been blessed with some exceptionally good weather here in the Pacific Northwest of late. Just this weekend skies were clear and blue with not a hint of rain… and believe me that’s not the usual.

Kids were outside, everyone was walking their dogs. Unfortunately the powers that be have let us know that it’s all to end by midweek and the kids are going to have to content with some serious rain when they’re trick or treating.

As such, I’m making a humble plea to the holders of the candy baskets to be liberal with the plunder this year as those little monster will have put forth quite a sacrifice to entertain you on the evening of October 31st… let’s show them the love!

Windy Day In Vancity

Stormy, blustery weather? No problem. Go fly a kite

Not a specific post today, just a comment about the weather…?
Went for a walk along the Kits beach path to Granville Island and back today in the intense, blustery wind. I thought for sure only the serious kite fliers would be out, and I was right… a couple of pretty fit guys were bracing themselves against the wind, barely avoiding being lifted into the heavens.

There were others out there too. Three kids, a brother and two sisters with kites of their own somehow keeping them aloft as the wind, leaves and sand whipped by them.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I was impressed… especially when the little boy requested in no uncertain terms that his older sister “Stay away from my string. You’ll wreck everything!”