I’m Embarrassed To Say I Don’t Wash My Mushrooms

“An Unwashed Vegetable Can Become A Deadly Weapon”

Don’t need to tell me… I’ve eaten eggplant.

I don’t know why, and I don’t know when I stopped, but these days when I prepare mushrooms I just throw away the stems and peel the skin off the cap.

I suppose I should step things up given the recent issues with listeria in Canada and the dodgy milk situation in China.

Hey kids. Wash your veggies.

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I don't wash my mushrooms. There I said it. I don't wash them.

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CBC Offers 10 Ways To Get Your Kids Eating Healthy

Nothing like a top 10 list to ease the pressure of posting, particularly when its referencing content posted elsewhere :)

In this case elsewhere is CBC.ca and the content is a number of recommendations to get your children to choose healthy foods rather than junk.

A few examples (paraphrased from the article):

  • The obvious – avoid fast-food and don’t keep junk food easily accessible around the home.
  • Serve reasonable portions so your kids aren’t tempted to eat themselves unhealthy.
  • Where possible, include vegetables in the foods served.
  • Don’t use junk food as a reward… and if you are going to serve it, serve it early in the day so they can burn it off before bedtime.
  • If your kids won’t eat what’s offered, send them to bed hungry. They’ll learn.

Strangely I didn’t get ten suggestions out of this one, but perhaps there are a few that I missed. Have a look for yourself.