Stop The Ride I Want To Get Off

If you ask most kids in Vancouver this year you’ll find that Xmas 2008 is one of the best ever if only because of the healthy dose of white stuff received. Ask the parents and you may get a very different reply. personally I’ve had enough and formally request that whoever is manning the faucet step back and relax. Vancouver is only supposed to get a dusting… you’re doing it wrong… very wrong, no matter what the children tell you.

It’s (Still) Snowing In Vancouver

It’s still snowing in Vancouver and quite frankly I’m tired of it. It seems the only ones who aren’t are the animals and the children who both continue to be thrilled.

One of our cars is buried under snow while the other is parked but unwilling to move on the icy streets. Probably for the best.

What I need is a Rocket Sled. A rocket sled or a set of tire chains.

A Quick Linky Update

Joe Blow Glassworks Raygunz For Kids Of All Ages - With Fat Pockets

I’ve been remiss in my posting… and will try to correct this. In the meantime, I’ll try to deliver a quick link fix below. Have a great weekend!

Straight Line Designs
I was lucky enough to stumble on these guys during Vancouver’s Culture Crawl a couple years ago. The designs are wonderful and would be loved by any kid lucky enough to have these pieces in his or her room. Some favourite examples include (man I hate flash sites without internal links):

Cabinets section > Boom
Cabinets section > Melting
Cabinets section > Tree Cabinet
Furniture section > Bad Table (kids would LOVE this!)
Furniture section > Burnt Leg Table
Projects > Pine Beetle Rocks

If you’re in Vancouver next November I recommend you try the Culture Crawl, and be certain to visit Straight Line Designs.

Joe Blow Glassworks
While on the subject of the Culture Crawl I have to mention Jeff Burnette’s Joe Blow Glassworks. While the prices may prove a bit high for you to let children play with these things, his Raygunz are a thing of beauty. I almost gave in when I stumbled across some of his pieces on a recent trip to Tofino.