Rebel In A Onesie? Why Not.

Where do babies come from? Mommy's uterus. The Uterus Onesie

Back to Etsy again, and this time to a seller with an odd theme – the uterus. This post is decidedly female-focused, though I guess a guy could wear a uterus. It’d just be a bit weird.

Harveyandeileen are currently selling a Pink Uterus Onesie as a souvenir of where your little miracle came from, and kind enough to depict that location before the little gem had her way with it.

Also on offer are Uterus Undies, Uterus Cards and Uterus gift certificates.

Who Doesn’t Heart Guts?

Internal organ-themed plush toys, artwork and clothing. Spleeny!

I mean seriously… we all need them… they’re soft, colourful and we wouldn’t get far without them. So why not let your kids *heart* guts as well? I can think of a few reasons, but I won’t dwell on them here today.

I Heart Guts offers a selection of artwork, clothing and toys that support the ‘entrails’ theme of this post. As usual I’ll let you explore the bulk of their offerings, but will feature a few of my favourites here. Prepare yourself for some mildly disturbing children’s gifts.

I’m a Liver Not a Fighter – Liver Baby T-shirt.

I Heart My Uterus – Heart and Uterus Drawing.

Plush Internal Organs set.

Moderately creepy? Sure.
Worth it for the expression on the recipient’s face? Absolutely.