What’s A Baby Yuppie? Buppie? If Your Kid Has One Of These She Is One

Found at likecool.com, we have the BMW Baby Racer II… a child’s ‘toy’ that’s miles cooler than anything my wife or I currently drive. On the one hand its a nicely designed toy… but on the other it feels wrong considering a shiny BMW for a child who doesn’t (or at least shouldn’t) care less.

BMW baby racer II for the yuppie in your child

Unique And Expensive Gifts That Will Leave You Shaking Your Head

Seriously, is there no better way to spend money than on nonsense like this? These items were all found on BornRich.com

1953 Corvette Pedal Car
Sure your kid will look cute riding up and down the sidewalk in a classic corvette pedal car… but she’d look even better graduating from college thanks to the investment of that $1,500 in order to fund her education. Still… that’s a pretty sweet pedal car.

Solar Powered Stroller
I have no idea what this is about… I mean what is being powered? I guess it could be used to power mom and dad’s cellphone or laptop or something, but I’ve seen a lot of strollers, and very few of them are lacking for not offering a power outlet.

Baby Benz SLK AMG
Surely this won’t cost as much as the Corvette pedal car above and so might be a better option for you yuppies in these trying economic times. Or you could give the kid a stick, or a box or read to them :)

Titanium Tricycle
At $2,500 I have nothing to say about this one.

Waterbirth Vessel Birthing Tub
Calling all future hippies… the future is now. No more Mr. Turtle pool in the living room, you can open your extra-wide french doors and install the very StarTrek-esque birthing vessel to welcome Jr. to your piles of cash.

Terrifying $3,000 Angelina Jolie Doll
Now all you need to do is win those eBay auctions for her fingernails and a lock of hair and the fun begins.

Gift Idea For The Boys

Automoblox Convertible Photo: Automoblox cars allow your kids to play with cool vehicles and interchange parts to build their own

I decided to theme today’s post around a new addition to the Automoblox line of toy cars and trucks. This particular item is the Automoblox C9-S berlinetta. Looking at the images on the site this one appears to be modeled loosely against the Chevrolet Corvette, but with massive 22″ wheels. At $38 this may be the perfect primary stocking ingredient for the 2009 season.

Also of note, and on offer at Automoblox are the following:
X9X Sport Utility
C9R Sportscar
A-9S Convertible

For those of you in the US, have a look at Amazon for Automoblox on SALE!

Remember My Little Pony? Here Are Some Variants For The Current Generation

Remember your favourite toys as a child? Remember my Little Pony? Here's a different take on toys from your past.

Every generation has toys and games that represent their childhood. I remember playing marbles, four square, handball and chestnuts at lunch in the schoolyard. I remember the girls all had cabbage patch kids and my little ponies as well as massive sticker collections (which admittedly the boys did too – scratch & sniff skunk… you know you owned it). While neither of those held my attention back in the day, something tells me that if ~Spippo had been employed by my little pony at the time I would have had the entire collection.

Of particular note:
My Little Stormtrooper, My Little Alien and My Little Cthulhu.

Classic toy creativity ftw.