Falling Into The Marketing Trap – Automoblox Toy Cars For Me Or The Baby?

Recently I found myself picking up a couple Automoblox mini vehicles from Manhattan Toy for my son without even considering for a second whether he would enjoy the toy. Essentially I think I fell into a potential Apple trap where marketing, design and packaging made me pull the trigger without doing the evaluation that I would normally do before purchase. Fortunately, in this case I think I made the right call.

Basically I’ve bought 2 Automoblox mini vehicles for my son, and I find them shockingly addictive. Fortunately he seems to love them as well so I don’t feel so bad buying them. That said, I’ve also ordered 4 additional as ‘stocking stuffers’ for the Christmas Holiday that is still 2 months away. The first vehicles I bought are the following:
Automoblox Mini T900 Truck
Automoblox Mini C9-S Berlinetta

Here’s what I like about them.

  1. They look great. My opinion, you judge for yourself

  2. No sharp metal or hard plastic edges. We have leather couches and I’ve been really surprised how many toys that don’t look risky are actually able to leave marks on the leather. The Automoblox cars we have today are smooth enough that there have been no issues with furniture.
  3. They come apart and can be rearranged into new vehicle combinations. Each vehicle body breaks into 2 or more major pieces as well as the windshield can be removed as can the wheels. We haven’t shown our little guy that the wheels come off so he’s not tempted to put them in his mouth, but he enjoys disassembling and reasseembling the other components across vehicles.
  4. They appear to be pretty robust. We haven’t lost or broken any element of these cars yet despite very heavy use.

I can’t comment on the larger Automoblox cars, but I assume they are equally well put together, if not moreso.

Gift Idea For The Boys

Automoblox Convertible Photo: Automoblox cars allow your kids to play with cool vehicles and interchange parts to build their own

I decided to theme today’s post around a new addition to the Automoblox line of toy cars and trucks. This particular item is the Automoblox C9-S berlinetta. Looking at the images on the site this one appears to be modeled loosely against the Chevrolet Corvette, but with massive 22″ wheels. At $38 this may be the perfect primary stocking ingredient for the 2009 season.

Also of note, and on offer at Automoblox are the following:
X9X Sport Utility
C9R Sportscar
A-9S Convertible

For those of you in the US, have a look at Amazon for Automoblox on SALE!

Classic Pedal Cars? Where Were These When I Was Young

Classic pedal cars for your retro styling child driver. All she needs is a baby chauffeur.

In my day the world was all Big Wheels and six-wheeled alligator amphibious vehicle replicas. I remember hearing about pedal cars from my family, and seeing them in old family photo albums, but I don’t know anyone who had one and oddly didn’t lust after them at all.

This post over at Autobloggreen.com changed my mind real fast despite the years that have passed. The one with flames will be mine.

Construction Toys You Wish You Had

Get your little engineer off to a strong start. Wooden digger and combi-car with digger front.

Some of you might be good engineers today, but imagine the success you’d be if your parents had sprung for some of the items on offer from Holz Toys. Not only do these things actually work and allow your kid to mimic the big boys… but the kid’s SUPPOSED to ride on them.

Wooden Digger
While the kid in the photo appears pretty comfortable with his new toy something tells me this thing could quickly separate the top 5% percent (in terms of coordination) from the “others.”

CombiCar With Digger Front
If Jr. struggles with the Wooden Digger maybe you should consider this one. Not only does it look easier to manipulate, I suspect it will also help build up the forearms.

Wonder how much they cost to ship from the UK?

Synonym For Curvy Toy Goodness?

Moolka. Stylish retro toys for small kids and large. I WILL own the espresso racecar.

While its clear that Europeans build cool adult cars, I’m sure you’ve been wondering whether they dominate the luxury toy car market as well… right? Am I right? Of course I am.

The answer my friends, as I’m sure you’ve guessed is yes, of course they do.
Roll on over to Moolka.com to check out these remarkably cool toys… the lightening blue Xtreamliner Cab, Airliner Black and Oldtimer Espresso are far and away my personal favourites.

Suck it Hot Wheels.