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Cocoon sleeping bag from Smallable looks comfy, but oddly insect-like

Is it just me or does the Violet cocoon sleeping bag by Baby Barolo look a little too much like a lawn grub? Via

Rocking Horse? Rocking Sheep

Also from Smallable check out the Saab Roadster by Playsam, Sibis Villa Doll House With Garden And Pool and the Black Rocking Sheep.

Yet another pedal car? Nope. A Saab pedal car

Bloesem Kids posted about doodle bread… which creeps me out a bit. I think they should take it to the next level so you can bake bread with your likeness inside. Here’s a video:

What’s A Baby Yuppie? Buppie? If Your Kid Has One Of These She Is One

Found at, we have the BMW Baby Racer II… a child’s ‘toy’ that’s miles cooler than anything my wife or I currently drive. On the one hand its a nicely designed toy… but on the other it feels wrong considering a shiny BMW for a child who doesn’t (or at least shouldn’t) care less.

BMW baby racer II for the yuppie in your child