Our Experience with Sophie the Giraffe

I’m sure you’re all familiar with Sophie the Giraffe. She’s everywhere. Why a giraffe? I have no idea and no one’s been able to answer the question for me. Over the course of year 1 we received no fewer than 3 Sophie’s and guess what? Our little guy showed little to know interest. We tried desperately as given the popularity we were sure that at some point he must grab hold and come to love it, but no.

Two of the Sophies were regifted to folks we knew were giraffe lovers, and the other sits at the bottom of one of our toy boxes waiting for an opportunity to help with teething.

Anyway, I guess my takeaway is that if you’re looking for a gift for a new baby a Sophie the Giraffe will be looked upon well, though will almost certainly be one of many that the little on receives. Second, it may or may not get used, but hey, that’s true for any toy gift. Babies are individuals, and they all won’t like Giraffes named Sophie!

For those interested you can get your own Sophie the Giraffe here.

Healthy Teething Options For Your Child

Fun, playful and safe teething rings. Why use the same old plastic.

Inhabitots points out that with all the plastic-related issues of late one should be cautious of what they use as a teething option for your baby. Some of their teething options range from wooden rings, organic cloth to rubber critters … even teething options that double as maternal jewelry.

Wooden teething toys:
Camden Rose Maple Teether
Stump Pond Toys Cherry Baby Rattle
Little Sapling Toys Striped Rattle
Little Sapling Toys Maple & Khaya Polka Dot Rattle

Rubber teething toys:
Butterfly & Giraffe Teething Set

Cloth or other materials:
Under The Nile Teething Grapes
Teething Bling Olympic Rings