Education: Arm Your Kids With Tech Skills

Admit it, you wish you could program. At minimum you wish you understood how your computer worked… how to stop making it do that thing that drives you crazy… how to program the damn vcr… how to upgrade from a VCR to whatever it is the kids are using these days.

ReadWriteWeb provides a brief outline of a new language being promoted by Microsoft called Small Basic designed to make it easy for children to learn how to program.

I have to admit that when I read this I thought it was a great idea for kids in technology, and wondered whether it would be a good opportunity for me to brush up on my own coding skills.

2008 Must Purchase Book For Parent Bloggers

Ok, well maybe not must buy, but must email.
I know more than a few fathers who should hit Amazon asap to grab a few copies of this one for the coffee table. Want a new NAS? Grease the wheels a bit with Mommy, Why is There a Server in the House?.

The reviews are definitely mixed, but I suspect most people buying this aren’t doing so for the content… and at $5.95 who really cares?