New Butt Freckle Toys For Kids!!

How much trouble can your child get in playing with a plush butt freckle.

Yeah, me neither.

Cinnamon Toast Butt Freckle. If I found this on my cinnamon toast someone would hear about it.
Atom Ant Butt Freckle. Is plush really the right term for these hairy beasts?
Marvin Moss Butt Freckle. As seen on cheese.
I Dunno, You Tell Me Butt Freckle.
Panty Hose Butt Freckle.
Overlord Red Minion Butt Freckle.
Chewie Butt Freckle. Check it out, he’s got dandruff.
Spinach Dip Kitty. Sorry, I had to post it.

Lol… chewie butt freckle. Awesome.

Friday Plush Cephalopod Post

Friday toy octopus post features a stumpy octopus puppet.

Plush toy time with the usual Friday theme.
Most of these are from Etsy, and I’ll add to the list if I stumble across more this evening.

I’ve had a couple people ask my why I keep posting about children’s plush toys modeled after squid, octopus and their cousins… the only answer is that I find them incredibly interesting. Surpassed only by ants… so consider yourselves lucky that I don’t post every Friday about ant-shaped toys!

Huge Camo Squid toy.
Stumpy little yarn octopus toy. Angel octopus amigurumi.
43″ Big Al knitted ugly squid toy. $395… woah.
Shifty Eyed Squid crocheted toy. 22″ long.
Super stumpy crocheted toy octopus
Plastic resin octopus reminds me of a toy I had as a kid.

On a slightly different path, here’s a squid and its predator, a sperm whale. Let it be known that the quality of this piece does not impress me :)

When I Grow Up I’m Going To Be A Taxidermist

Taxidermy in the bedroom? Weird. Taxidermy in the children's room? Yeah. Very weird.

I’ve as yet been unable to kick my interest in taxidermy, in particular antler mounts. I continue to scour eBay for the perfect set that a) can be shipped to Canada and b) doesn’t look too much like a real animal and more like a carved or somehow man-made piece. Yeah, I know… good luck to me.

Anyway, I got to wondering how a piece like that would go over in Jr.’s room… and if there were any shops on the internet that offered ‘taxidermy for kids.’

You’re probably thinking, no way. Well, you’re half right :)

Dr. Seuss Taxidermy Art
Of particular interest the Goo-Goo-Eyed Tasmanian Wolghast, the Two Horned Drouberhannis and the Blue Green Abelard. Don’t be fooled though, at a minimum price of $1,995 these are no toys.

Hansa Toys
The site’s looking kind of jacked up right now, but they have them at a shop around the corner and between the size and accuracy they’d be quite an addition.

German “Stuffed” Deer Heads
Found this one via Thingamababy… patterned, stuffed and mounted. Are they deer, goats or cows? Who cares. They’re less creepy in this scenario than some other options and maybe a good transition to the real thing. Oh, there’s a rhino too, but they’re endangered so I suggest you avoid this one.