Shenanigans! I Call Shenanigans!

Dust Furniture. Beautifully designed pieces of children's furniture... but too close to Vancouver's Straight Line Design

Cool Mom Picks recently posted about a creative furniture design shop called Dust Furniture that features really fun shelves and tables that would be perfect for children’s rooms. While I love many of the designs, in particular:

The Best Bookcase no.2
Sparkle Table

they remind me a little too much of a local Vancouver design shop that I posted about a while back called Straight Line Designs. I don’t know how old Dust is, but I’ve known about Straight Line Designs for many years, having toured their shop a few years back during the Eastside Culture Crawl.

Since Straight Line Design has a Flash site that doesn’t allow linking to product pages (seriously… wtf) you’ll have to go check them out yourself here.

A Quick Linky Update

Joe Blow Glassworks Raygunz For Kids Of All Ages - With Fat Pockets

I’ve been remiss in my posting… and will try to correct this. In the meantime, I’ll try to deliver a quick link fix below. Have a great weekend!

Straight Line Designs
I was lucky enough to stumble on these guys during Vancouver’s Culture Crawl a couple years ago. The designs are wonderful and would be loved by any kid lucky enough to have these pieces in his or her room. Some favourite examples include (man I hate flash sites without internal links):

Cabinets section > Boom
Cabinets section > Melting
Cabinets section > Tree Cabinet
Furniture section > Bad Table (kids would LOVE this!)
Furniture section > Burnt Leg Table
Projects > Pine Beetle Rocks

If you’re in Vancouver next November I recommend you try the Culture Crawl, and be certain to visit Straight Line Designs.

Joe Blow Glassworks
While on the subject of the Culture Crawl I have to mention Jeff Burnette’s Joe Blow Glassworks. While the prices may prove a bit high for you to let children play with these things, his Raygunz are a thing of beauty. I almost gave in when I stumbled across some of his pieces on a recent trip to Tofino.