Stop The Ride I Want To Get Off

If you ask most kids in Vancouver this year you’ll find that Xmas 2008 is one of the best ever if only because of the healthy dose of white stuff received. Ask the parents and you may get a very different reply. personally I’ve had enough and formally request that whoever is manning the faucet step back and relax. Vancouver is only supposed to get a dusting… you’re doing it wrong… very wrong, no matter what the children tell you.

It’s (Still) Snowing In Vancouver

It’s still snowing in Vancouver and quite frankly I’m tired of it. It seems the only ones who aren’t are the animals and the children who both continue to be thrilled.

One of our cars is buried under snow while the other is parked but unwilling to move on the icy streets. Probably for the best.

What I need is a Rocket Sled. A rocket sled or a set of tire chains.