Baby shoes. Acceptable practice and recommended brands

Not surprisingly our little guy is growing at a furious pace and we’re doing a poor job of keeping up. His pants are now capris, and his shoes only go on easily early in the day. Shame on us.

This morning we stopped at a local shop and tried on a few pair which immediately confirmed that it is time for new shoes for our soon to be toddler.on selecting a pair of Stride Rite sandals in size 4.5 we were given a bit of shocking news. $52 for toddler sandals. Seriously?!?

Now on checking eBay and Amazon in the US I’ve come to the welcome realization that our local store was trying to screw us royally. That said before I pull the trigger I have two questions. When buying shoes for a baby our toddler:

1. Are there any risks in buying used shoes assuming that they will be thoroughly laundered before our little guy is allowed to wear them?

2. What brands are most reliable? We tried on See Kai Run but they didn’t work with his chubby feet, as well as Stride Rite which seemed to fit really well. Any others I should consider?

One thing’s for sure. When it comes to baby footwear I won’t be buying local.

I Don’t Know Who Kai Is, But He’s Got Some Nice Kicks

See Kai Run. Stylish children's shoes for sale at Dandelion Baby.

Last night I posted about Vincent shoes for kids and how, while admittedly not along the same vein as Crocs certainly provide another footwear option for kids. Today I stumbled on this See Kai Run line of children’s shoes available at Dandelion Baby.

Are they good quality? Don’t know.
Are they comfortable? If I knew Kai I’d ask him/her.

But they look good… and my younger cousin tells me that’s what really counts.