Childrens Music That Won’t Drive You Crazy (As Quickly As Your Current CDs)

Ok, so I can say that I’ve actually purchased this CD… not for myself, but for some friends who welcomed a new addition to their home not long ago. I went with an old standby – Raffi and threw this in as something a bit more creative… at least that was the intention.

The CD I’m talking about is For The Kids, a compilation disc with classics performed by current artists. The true test is that I was over at their place and it was playing in the background and I didn’t notice it. Which is good. Then I heard Darius Rucker’s rendition of “It’s All Right To Cry” and was like “Ooooooh… that’s my jam from 1979!!!”

Mahna Mahna by Cake wasn’t half bad either :)

Guitar Hero for the KidNation

While the big kids have Guitar Hero and Rock Band this Holiday season why not prep the Kid Nation for the years to come?

GIGGLE is a site that offers simple but fun toys, clothing and accessories, not to mention a timely holiday gift finder.

Back to the Guitar Hero, if the significant other won’t let you pick the game up cause it will ‘keep you from the kids’ we suggest you consider the Musical Band or some Banjo action so the squirts can accompany you at your next gig.