You Spend Hours On Your Kids For Halloween… Why Not Take Your Pets To Another Level As Well?

I think we’ve all seen the photos of pugs dressed up as bumble bees etc. Why not make a project with the kids of dressing up the family pet… btw, as this site will attest you need not limit this kind of thing to dogs. Cats and even turtles are just as available for embarrassment.

Cute Overload brings us this post of The 7 Types of Pet Costumes (though they actually list 8). Few of these really surprised me, but I wouldn’t have thought of categorizing them before reading :)

They are:

  1. The Famous Human Costume
  2. The Cutesy Hurl-a-Thon
  3. The Non Sequitur Costume
  4. The “I Had it Lying Around” Costume
  5. The “My-pet-is-going-to-kill me-but-I’m-doing-it-anyway” Costume
  6. Build on Your Strengths Costume
  7. The Epic Transformation Costume
  8. The Just Plain Wrong Costume

Our neighbourhood has far too many Cutesy Hurl-a-Thons and not nearly enough Epic Transformations.