Environmentally Friendly Toys And BIkes For Your Kids

I seem to be on a vehicle kick these last few posts, and this one doesn’t break from that trend. Fueled by Inhabitots I bring you the Bamboo E-Racer and yet another pushbike, the Wishbone Pre-Bike.

The Wishbone Pre-Bike is customizable as your child grows. Initially it can be configured as a trike, moving to a pushbike for little-uns, and then you can flip the ‘wishbone’ to create a pushbike for older kids. Cool idea, especially given that the bike is made of 60% post-consumer recycled plastic wheels and sustainably managed wood. Apparently even the box and printed materials are made of ecofriendly materials.

As for the E-Racer, these toy cars are made of bamboo and water-based paint. It might be worth heading over and checking out the other products made by the same manufacturer. Head to Inhabitots as they have a link to the manufacturer in their post.

A Little Bit Of This, A Little Bit Of That

I don’t know if this is awesome or should be illegal. Sandy Paws Grooming Shop Creative Grooming Awards honours the folks who do more to embarrass their pets than anyone else in America. I have to side with “should be illegal” however judging by the reactions to the two died dogs occasionally seen being walked in our neighbourhood I’ll leave it to personal taste.

I’ve posted a number of items about pushbike variants recently, but Babygadget presents this scooter pushbike twist on the standard. Have a look.

I’m a fan of urban vinyl, and stumbled across one of these wooden Be@rbricks at a shop on Burrard in Vancouver not long ago. Thanks to Inhabitots for posting some more information on the wooden Bearbrick figures which while probably not ideal toys for your children are certainly appealing gifts for you.

Everyone needs a glass eyeball. If you agree with that statement head over to Junior Society and pick your colour.

Finally we saw Iron Man the other night. Pretty entertaining movie and very cool costume. This kid in his Iron Man costume would appear to agree.

Child Pushbike For The Pre X-Games Set

One up the neighbours with this high performance pushbike. Bmx for your young child.

I love those wooden push bikes that have been showing up all over the neighbourhood this summer. In fact, I was almost run down by one this afternoon while walking along the path at Kits Beach… kid was not impressed that I didn’t respect his space.

Anyway, check out this Kiddimoto Suzuki GSX-R push bike posted at Automotoportal that will allow your little daredevil to put his competitors in the neighbourhood to shame (not that I condone that kind of child on child competition).