Vinyl Cafe: Great Stories For Kids

There’s something about the CBC in Canada and NPR in the US that I find comforting. I don’t know if its the content, or the hosts or something I haven’t identified yet, but there are certain shows on each that just put me at ease immediately.

One of those in particular can put me in a relaxed mood no matter what’s going on that day, and has been able to for a very long time. That show is the Vinyl Cafe

Stuart McLean’s storytelling ability is legendary. And while I don’t necessarily agree with his musical tastes, I’ll happily sit through his musical guests to get to the stories about Dave, Morley, Sam and Stephanie. If you haven’t listened to the Vinyl Cafe, you should… and if you’re like I was, a Canadian living in the US and feeling a bit homesick you can listen too online or through the podcast.

Finally, it goes without saying, but if you have an opportunity to take your kids to a live taping of the show, you definitely should. I’m quite certain they’ll enjoy it.

“We may not be big but we’re small!”