Pay Attention To What You Feed Your Kids. Maybe Even Occasional Treats Should Be Reconsidered.

Don't feed your kids this kind of unhealthy food. Consider organic.

I generally eat pretty well, though like most others I indulge myself in the occasional treat. While personally McDonalds doesn’t factor into that list of indulgences, I know that many a child gets more than an occasional Happy Meal craving.

A recent post over at Boing Boing will likely change your mind about giving in. Some lady has apparently saved a McDonald’s hamburger for 12 years (I know what you’re thinking) and you can hardly tell its not fresh. Her 1996 hamburger has somehow preserved itself, meat, bun and all without any apparent ill effects.

I pity the children whose parents take advantage of dollar menus and such… kids who need to somehow extract nutrients from crap like this in order to grow up “big and strong.”

Sure, this may have been faked, but is it worth taking the chance with your children? I don’t know about you, but McDonald’s is going to stay off my treat list until I’m a little closer to being embalmed.