Have A Craving For Dueling Banjos Without The Deliverance?

I was surprised to see Steve Martin on American Idol last night playing the banjo of all things. Thinking it was a rare occasion, or something I was seeing for the first time I went online and checked YouTube. Sure enough there are numerous videos of him playing the banjo going waaaay back in time.

This one in particular caught my attention. I’ve always loved the Muppet Show, and after a couple minutes I actually started to remember watching this episode as a kid. At the time I had no idea who Steve Martin is (or what a banjo was for that matter) but I definitely remember the episode.

Steve Martin: Dueling Banjos

The Best We Can Hope To Do Is To Leave The World A Better Place

How many of us can, or will ever be able to say they’ve moved people like Jim Henson?

It’s been a long time since I last sat in front of the TV and enjoyed an episode of Sesame Street (cookie monster, oscar the grouch, bert, ernie, mr hooper, grover and I used to be tight)… but the importance of that program and the people behind it rushes immediately back upon watching these videos.