Halloween? What Halloween?

Ok, I’m disappointed, and more than a little relieved that our little one doesn’t really ‘get’ the whole Halloween thing. Why? West coast weather is why. No don’t get me wrong, what we experienced out here doesn’t hold a candle to the challenges faced by those folks on the East coast dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Not one bit, however it was unfortunate that on Halloween we experienced the heaviest downpours I can remember since I moved up here.

All you kids who didn’t make it to our door to take the candy on offer, I understand. If you come back today the candy’s all yours.

To those 7 brave souls (and the Stormtrooper parents) who did come by. My hat is off to you.

Halloween 2013. Halloweenier.

Right, so its the end of September and we’re already starting to think about what the little guy will be on October 25th. Last year we got lucky (aka got lazy) and found a pretty funny dragon costume for a very reasonable price from Old Navy. While I admit I considered jamming him in that same costume again this year I suspect that would meet with disapproval from the grandparents who are already getting their cameras ready for something new and fantastic.

Speaking of new and fantastic, check out this Master Chief costume featured over at Fashionably Geek. I will state it for the record, that is one bar that I will not meet this year.

From Fashionably Geek

Kid in a Master Chief costume. Perfect for halloween.
Kid in a Master Chief costume. Perfect for halloween.

Halloween is just around the corner and I’m on the hook for an infant Halloween costume

Call it wishful thinking but I had assumed that since the Kidlet hasn’t yet mastered the manual dexterity required to catch and replace a released soother that he wouldn’t be up for Halloween this year. Apparently he doesn’t have a say and Mrs Kidlet has been nominated to speak on his behalf. As such I’m on the hook to find an appropriately cute Halloween costume for a 10 week old. That is the mission.

Oh, did I mention that Mrs. Kidlet isn’t a huge science fiction fan, so the great Star Trek onesies I’ve featured on the right sidebar are apparently out of the question. I even explained the history of the ‘red shirt’ but to no avail. And so the search continues. I’ll likely either update this post as I come across potential baby Halloween costume candidates, or throw up new posts to introduce the options, but for now I’ll outline those that I’ve shortlisted. Feel free to let me know what you think.

Star Trek Baby Onesies (see the right sidebar).
As I mentioned above I’m told this is out… however I’ve already taken it upon myself to purchase a couple just in case :)

Baby Lobster Costume
Let it be known that I’m not overly thrilled with this one, but its proving difficult to find a baby costume that’s worth posting AND isn’t science fiction-related.

Infant Bat Costume
This baby bat costume has promise especially given that the Kidlet continues to be a spaz in terms of arm / hand control. As a result I expect that he’d unknowingly play the part of a constantly-flapping bat like a pro.

Baby Pea in The Pod Costume
Not my thing, but I’ll throw it in the mix to pad the cute factor (and prep Mrs. Kidlet for the break from rules to come). The mother-in-law would love the Pea costume… and Jr is definitely a pee machine, but I don’t think I could bring myself to take him out in public in something like this. The Pea in the pod costume will stay on the list, but if purchased will be restricted to home and family viewing only. Photos are out.

Baby Chewbacca Costume
*BAM* consider the rules broken. I mean, come on… its a baby Chewie costume, how can you not love this? Issues with this one is that it’s more of a partially shaved infant Chewbacca costume with emphasis on hightop and shoulder hair… and where’s the crossbow?

Front runners? Kirk and red shirt Star Trek costumes which have been purchased and will be kept well hidden until the time is right to break them out (Mrs. Kidlet, if you’re reading this… well, I”m sure you expected me to purchase them anyway right?). Chewbacca obviously, and then… geez. I guess the Bat.

Costume makers, if you’re out there here are some requests: