You Spend Hours On Your Kids For Halloween… Why Not Take Your Pets To Another Level As Well?

I think we’ve all seen the photos of pugs dressed up as bumble bees etc. Why not make a project with the kids of dressing up the family pet… btw, as this site will attest you need not limit this kind of thing to dogs. Cats and even turtles are just as available for embarrassment.

Cute Overload brings us this post of The 7 Types of Pet Costumes (though they actually list 8). Few of these really surprised me, but I wouldn’t have thought of categorizing them before reading :)

They are:

  1. The Famous Human Costume
  2. The Cutesy Hurl-a-Thon
  3. The Non Sequitur Costume
  4. The “I Had it Lying Around” Costume
  5. The “My-pet-is-going-to-kill me-but-I’m-doing-it-anyway” Costume
  6. Build on Your Strengths Costume
  7. The Epic Transformation Costume
  8. The Just Plain Wrong Costume

Our neighbourhood has far too many Cutesy Hurl-a-Thons and not nearly enough Epic Transformations.

It Was Too Good To Last

We’ve been blessed with some exceptionally good weather here in the Pacific Northwest of late. Just this weekend skies were clear and blue with not a hint of rain… and believe me that’s not the usual.

Kids were outside, everyone was walking their dogs. Unfortunately the powers that be have let us know that it’s all to end by midweek and the kids are going to have to content with some serious rain when they’re trick or treating.

As such, I’m making a humble plea to the holders of the candy baskets to be liberal with the plunder this year as those little monster will have put forth quite a sacrifice to entertain you on the evening of October 31st… let’s show them the love!

The Problem With The World Today Is That We Don’t Let Kids Be Kids

Jack-o-lantern photo: Don't buy age inappropriate halloween costumes for your children. Say no by keeping the wallet hidden.

It’s pretty sad that I stumbled across this article today, and even sadder that it’s newsworthy enough to post. Unfortunately it’s an obvious problem that only seems to be getting worse, not better.

Halloween brings it to our attention, but this issue pressures children everyday and deserves ongoing consideration.

Article: Sexy Halloween costumes a bad fit for young girls: advocates

CBC Video: May take a moment to load

And I thought it was bad worrying about such things when I was in highschool. I can’t imagine the pressure and stress a young child must experience if these are the kinds of messages they’re presented with.

Last Chance For Halloween Costumes!

Mask picture: Its almost halloween and you haven't got a costume. Have a look at Etsy for your needs and those of your kids.

Just did a quick cruise of Etsy and decided to post a few of the halloween costumes I came across for those procrastinators among you living close enough for a pre-October 31 delivery :)

Kid’s Jester Costume

Adult Crimson Bauta Mask

Adult Costume Horns

Adult Red Venetian Jester Mask

Kid’s Superhero Costume

Halloween Underachiever Temporary Tattoo

Recalled Toys, Games And Other Children’s Items: Seasonal Midweek Update

Be aware of this halloween recall to keep your kids safe while they trick or treat.

Usually I would wait until the I had a number of recalls to post, but given that Halloween is almost upon us it seemed prudent to get this one out there.

Canadian costume recall:
“Chic Diva” and “Feathered Witch” Halloween Costumes – costume’s feathers don’t meet the requirements for textile flammability under Canadian law.

Wow. Flammable feather covered costumes designed for a night that takes full advantage of candle-filled vegetables. Sounds like a Michael Jackson-esque mishap waiting to happen.

Halloween Costumes Gone Bad

This is a strange one even for a kids blog like this

This post strays a bit from the baby / child focus of this blog… but what the heck. Variety is the spice of life, right? Anyway, you know those parents that let their kids wear Halloween costumes all year round? I dedicate this post to them.

Given Halloween is right around the corner I found this post over at Boing Boing particularly interesting and at the same time frightening. I suggest you keep the cow costume in the closet this year.

She wore the costume again when she appeared for sentencing.

… I’m just sayin…

Photo found on Flickr here.

Etsy Fabric Baby Halloween Costumes

For those of you partial to the homemade approach rather than the mass market productions, consider Etsy for something the other kids are less likely to have.

Etsy seller Madhelmeteer has some great crocheted animal hats to provide a costume while keeping your child’s head warm.

Personal favourites include the Dino Baby, Roar With Courage and the tusked Elephant. While appropriate for Halloween I can see these being super popular for everyday use.

Prehistoric children's crochet hat would make a great Halloween costume for your child.

Lion hat makes a great costume for your children this season.

Etsy wool felt tusked elephant provides a talking point for your kid this year.

Etsy seller Funnyfinn comes through with a few fleece animal hat options as well.

Here my personal favourites are the Giraffe Helmet and the Monkey Helmet.

Fleece giraffe is a comfortable giraffe.

Fleece monkey is a comfortable monkey