Porn For New Moms! Wait. They’re Doing It Wrong.

Porn For New Moms promises a lot but in my opinion is somewhat misleading. I have my thoughts as to what constitutes porn, and those thoughts have little to do with what is presented in the pages of this book. That said, I know during pregnancy hormones can do crazy things with one’s system… so by all means have at it!

The book published by the Cambridge Women’s Pornography Cooperative is currently on sale at and should put a smile on the face of any new mother you gift it to.

Related books in the series include:
Porn For Women

Porn For Women (30 Postcards)

Porn For Women: Fantasy Coupons

XXX Porn for Women: Hotter, Hunkier, and More Helpful Around the House!

Geez… ok, this is getting ridiculous.

Music For The Kids – Rockabye Baby

Rockabye Baby series of albums for your children, mimicking your favourites
This series was just brought to my attention today by a friend at work. The Rockabye Baby series consists of albums with keyboard and bell versions of music we’re all familiar with. The thing is, this is not the familiarity that you’d expect.

Sample artists include (among others):
Bob Marley (my personal favourite)
Tool (eek)
Led Zeppelin

Holy crap, listen to “Sober” on the Tool CD… terrifying. I thought the original was creepy, but the ‘kids’ version would have me curled up in a ball in the corner.

While identifying some of the tracks is a bit difficult, there are some genuinely entertaining items here… in particular the Bob Marley versions seem like options I’d play for my child.

Give them a listen – Amazon allows you to preview the tracks for each of the albums above. I’m going to load up on the Marley disc for future unforeseen gifting needs.

2008 Must Purchase Book For Parent Bloggers

Ok, well maybe not must buy, but must email.
I know more than a few fathers who should hit Amazon asap to grab a few copies of this one for the coffee table. Want a new NAS? Grease the wheels a bit with Mommy, Why is There a Server in the House?.

The reviews are definitely mixed, but I suspect most people buying this aren’t doing so for the content… and at $5.95 who really cares?

Giant UglyDoll At ModernTots

As if normal Ugly Dolls weren't already the best... Get yourself a 6 foot monster Ugly Doll!

ModernTots is offering the mother of all Uglydolls. I love these things… been giving them to people as gifts for years, particularly the Octopus one with the chest hair.

At $595.00 I’m going to have to start saving up if there is to be a giant Target in my future, but what a great idea!

Check them out here.

Synonym For Curvy Toy Goodness?

Moolka. Stylish retro toys for small kids and large. I WILL own the espresso racecar.

While its clear that Europeans build cool adult cars, I’m sure you’ve been wondering whether they dominate the luxury toy car market as well… right? Am I right? Of course I am.

The answer my friends, as I’m sure you’ve guessed is yes, of course they do.
Roll on over to to check out these remarkably cool toys… the lightening blue Xtreamliner Cab, Airliner Black and Oldtimer Espresso are far and away my personal favourites.

Suck it Hot Wheels.

Who Doesn’t Heart Guts?

Internal organ-themed plush toys, artwork and clothing. Spleeny!

I mean seriously… we all need them… they’re soft, colourful and we wouldn’t get far without them. So why not let your kids *heart* guts as well? I can think of a few reasons, but I won’t dwell on them here today.

I Heart Guts offers a selection of artwork, clothing and toys that support the ‘entrails’ theme of this post. As usual I’ll let you explore the bulk of their offerings, but will feature a few of my favourites here. Prepare yourself for some mildly disturbing children’s gifts.

I’m a Liver Not a Fighter – Liver Baby T-shirt.

I Heart My Uterus – Heart and Uterus Drawing.

Plush Internal Organs set.

Moderately creepy? Sure.
Worth it for the expression on the recipient’s face? Absolutely.

Childrens Music That Won’t Drive You Crazy (As Quickly As Your Current CDs)

Ok, so I can say that I’ve actually purchased this CD… not for myself, but for some friends who welcomed a new addition to their home not long ago. I went with an old standby – Raffi and threw this in as something a bit more creative… at least that was the intention.

The CD I’m talking about is For The Kids, a compilation disc with classics performed by current artists. The true test is that I was over at their place and it was playing in the background and I didn’t notice it. Which is good. Then I heard Darius Rucker’s rendition of “It’s All Right To Cry” and was like “Ooooooh… that’s my jam from 1979!!!”

Mahna Mahna by Cake wasn’t half bad either :)

What’s Harder Than Buying A Gift For A New Baby?

Fun twins, triplets clothing. Bacon and eggs, salt and pepper... you get the idea

Buying a gift for two new babies… especially if they’re twins.
Close friends of mine welcomed identical twin daughters into the world just a couple weeks ago and I have to admit that I have yet to find the perfect gift to send them. Correction, I HAD yet to find the perfect gift to send them. For anyone out there looking for an offering for twins (identical or otherwise) I suggest you read on below.
Ok, this company doesn’t ship to Canada right now, but it does sell its goods through a number of Canadian vendors so if you’re interested they’re still worth a shot. Of particular interest are the “First Born / Runner Up” snapsuits and the “Stop Copying Me / Stop Copying Me” snapsuit bundles. $39.00 isn’t bad… at least I don’t think its bad… but what do I know, I don’t have twins. The real challenge will be having to decide this early in their lives which one will be the First Place child and which will come in a distant Second ;)

*Twinkle* Kids
I almost lost the URL to this site so consider yourselves lucky. This one’s got a ton of twins-related stuff at pretty much the same price as (just a bit more expensive). Ok, they’ve got the Salt & Pepper Twin Shirts, the Bacon & Egg Twin Shirts (perfect for vegetarians / vegans), the Milk & Cookies Twins Shirts, A Little Bit Country / A Little Bit Rock & Roll… heck, they’ve even got a set for triplets (divine entity forbid you should be blessed with triplets) over here with Rock, Paper, Scissors.

Ok, that’s it for now. Don’t even pretend I didn’t just save your gift-giving behind with this one :)