How Many Kids Is Enough?

I’ve always assumed that one kid would be eough for me, but something tells me the number changes as your world is turned upside down by numbers one, two, and even three.

By the way, my number was always one. I was quite certain that a single child would be perfect for me. Friends with a single child, no matter what their number had been, suggest that would not stay true over time. One particular parent is adamant that it changes to ‘more’ as number one fully comes online.

If you fall into this bucket let me pass along a word of warning from friends in that situation… they tell me they hope child number 1 will play with and help child number 2. They also tell me that things seldom work out the way you’ve anticipated.

Shameless Child Promotion

Rattle-N-Roll. Make sure your lovely little baby makes the best spot on the fridge. Front and center.

We’ve all received those boring new baby announcements in the mail, or Little Gary Graduated Public School alerts. If you’re going to take the time to address the envelopes and mail the things out you may as well be sure the recipients will remember them… at least for a minute or two before throwing them out.

Rattle-N-Roll promises to keep you child’s mug displayed prominently for many weeks to come as their announcement is given a cherished position on the recipient’s refrigerator.

Rock-N-Roll designs your child into a music poster-esque masterpiece for delivery to friends and relatives. Want an Obey Giant Propaganda theme? I suspect they could pull it off. Personally, I think I’d request something more along the lines of a birth announcement with a Chinese Communist propaganda theme.

Welcome to the real world baby.

You Have Your Sigg… They Have Their?

Safesippy. I have my shiny stainless steel Sigg and baby will have his own... although likely cooler than mine... crap.

SafeSippy cups look to be Baby’s answer to those overpriced Sigg water bottles everyone’s toting around these days. Nicely designed, interesting colour combinations and apparently well built, these non-toxic drinking cups claim the following:

“From the clean, non-leaching stainless steel cup to the unique safety features to the plastics free of Bisphenol A and other harmful chemicals, The Safe Sippy™ cup was created to accomplish one simple goal: Clean In, Clean Out.”

Best of all it looks to be reasonably priced at about $18. Reasonably priced compared to the Sigg bottle that is.

FYI, I’ve just been made aware that Sigg offers children’s cups as well at a price comparable to the Safesippy. Meh.

Korall Multicolor Mobile At Ikea

Ikea offers more than just cheap furniture. Check out their selection of children's products too.

Bright colours and friendly, happy fish in a sup $10 mobile. What more could you ask for? Best of all, if Ikea’s Korall mobile doesn’t suit your needs you can also have a look at their Minnen Lamm (lambs) or Barnslig (horses or hippos or something) alternatives.

Whichever you choose, I expect the bright, contrasting colours and downward figures will be a hit with your child.

Synonym For Curvy Toy Goodness?

Moolka. Stylish retro toys for small kids and large. I WILL own the espresso racecar.

While its clear that Europeans build cool adult cars, I’m sure you’ve been wondering whether they dominate the luxury toy car market as well… right? Am I right? Of course I am.

The answer my friends, as I’m sure you’ve guessed is yes, of course they do.
Roll on over to to check out these remarkably cool toys… the lightening blue Xtreamliner Cab, Airliner Black and Oldtimer Espresso are far and away my personal favourites.

Suck it Hot Wheels.

Childrens Music That Won’t Drive You Crazy (As Quickly As Your Current CDs)

Ok, so I can say that I’ve actually purchased this CD… not for myself, but for some friends who welcomed a new addition to their home not long ago. I went with an old standby – Raffi and threw this in as something a bit more creative… at least that was the intention.

The CD I’m talking about is For The Kids, a compilation disc with classics performed by current artists. The true test is that I was over at their place and it was playing in the background and I didn’t notice it. Which is good. Then I heard Darius Rucker’s rendition of “It’s All Right To Cry” and was like “Ooooooh… that’s my jam from 1979!!!”

Mahna Mahna by Cake wasn’t half bad either :)