Environmentally Friendly Toys And BIkes For Your Kids

I seem to be on a vehicle kick these last few posts, and this one doesn’t break from that trend. Fueled by Inhabitots I bring you the Bamboo E-Racer and yet another pushbike, the Wishbone Pre-Bike.

The Wishbone Pre-Bike is customizable as your child grows. Initially it can be configured as a trike, moving to a pushbike for little-uns, and then you can flip the ‘wishbone’ to create a pushbike for older kids. Cool idea, especially given that the bike is made of 60% post-consumer recycled plastic wheels and sustainably managed wood. Apparently even the box and printed materials are made of ecofriendly materials.

As for the E-Racer, these toy cars are made of bamboo and water-based paint. It might be worth heading over and checking out the other products made by the same manufacturer. Head to Inhabitots as they have a link to the manufacturer in their post.