Lifestyle Offers 10 Environmentally Friendly Things You Can Do For Your Kids

This article actually has 10 suggestions, vs the healthy eating post from earlier today.

I’d suggest that this one might prove as beneficial for the parents as it will for the kids. We all know that once a child gets something in his/her head it’s difficult to reprogram them. I can still remember harrassing my parents about recycling back in the day. As such, these little items may not only help your kids in the near term, but also the planet in the near and long term.

So, the list… here we go:

  • Don’t drive the kids to school if possible. Walk or bike with them both to and from. Not only will this encourage them to be environmentally friendly, but it will get them in shape and let you spend time with them outdoors.
  • If you live in an area with high smog or allergen concentrations be sure to monitor those levels and keep your kids inside when they’re too high. You may have the urge to send the kids outside to play, but in some cases it can do them more respiratory harm than good.
  • Make sure their plastic toys don’t include PVC plastic – or any of the other recently recalled plastics for that matter.
  • Don’t spoil them with gifts and toys. Kids can make their own fun, and if you don’t pile them with toys it may just encourage their creativity… something that will serve them well later in life.
  • Eat organic. There are some suggestions that the hormones added to meats that we regularly consume are serving to accelerate children’s development. The last thing your kid needs is to grow up physically before they’re mentally ready.
  • Avoid high fat, high chemical processed foods. ‘Nuff said.
  • Use natural health and beauty products. Why use chemical-filled soaps and shampoos when natural alternatives are reasonably priced and readily available these days?
  • Avoid toxins in the house where possible. Your children find their way into the craziest places… so why tempt fate?
  • Use cloth diapers rather than disposable diapers. If you must use disposable, make sure they’re as environmentally friendly as possible. Sure its more work, but think about the extent to which those tossed diapers are polluting the environment. Don’t be selfish.
  • Teach them to love nature. I stole that one directly :)

You can find the article here.

Let The Kids Drive Our Eco-Change

The best way to affect change in adults may be to influence their children.

I still remember when, in grade school our teachers taught us the benefits of composting and recycling. I swear the recycling push wouldn’t have been half as successful if the kids were removed from the equation. It’s easy for an adult to overlook a recycling opportunity when walking down the street, but stick a couple environmentally aware children in the back seat and you can bet that same parent doesn’t get away with his misdeed. Nothing drives compliance than a noisy, all-knowing kid in the back seat educating you about things you know to be true, and dwelling on your selfishness.

With that memory clear in my mind I think we need a coordinated effort to educate children about alternative energy options to drive similar compliance. Eco Ego provides kids with a fun way to learn about how they are able to impact the environment. The actions selected by your child in the game are used to show her the impacts of those actions. Ice caps, rain forests, landfills… all are used to provide a realistic understanding of how our world works in a manner that is engaging and fun for children.

As an aside, as if they had to make carnivals any cooler for kids – this one powers some of their rides with cow poo. That ought to grab your child’s attention as you drive home your eco message :)

Another upside of getting the kids excited about the environment is that you may be able to convince them to use some of their boundless energy for good instead of evil. Consider this article about see-saws being used to pump water in Africa… think of all the devices in your home that could be powered by your kids as they go about their merry way.