Here’s One For The Ladies (And The Guys With Taste)

April Scott designs on Etsy will allow your child to shine brighter than spring!

Kidhaus recently posted some seriously bright, seriously spring-appropriate patterned dresses by a designer named April Scott. This is yet another case of fantastic product available over at Etsy.

There are some very fun patterns up at April’s Etsy site right now, although the technicolor item used as her icon appears to have been sold. Might be worth a visit back in case she lists another.

I’ve always been a sucker for bright colours… don’t tell the guys. For Those About To Rock for those about to rock, they will suit you.

I can’t believe I haven’t posted this one yet…. is the first online baby wear shop I purchased from. Obviously this is appropriate only for children, erm, parents with particular musical tastes but if you know someone who fits the bill its perfect.

A few favourites:
Flaming Bear Karate Pants (elastic waistband y’all)
B.A.B.Y. For Those About To Walk
2 Minutes To Bedtime

I Don’t Know Who Kai Is, But He’s Got Some Nice Kicks

See Kai Run. Stylish children's shoes for sale at Dandelion Baby.

Last night I posted about Vincent shoes for kids and how, while admittedly not along the same vein as Crocs certainly provide another footwear option for kids. Today I stumbled on this See Kai Run line of children’s shoes available at Dandelion Baby.

Are they good quality? Don’t know.
Are they comfortable? If I knew Kai I’d ask him/her.

But they look good… and my younger cousin tells me that’s what really counts.