Pedal Cars Taken To The Extreme

This one’s from Autoblog and features a pedal car like none I’ve ever seen or will be likely to afford. In this case its a 3-wheeled Morgan pedal car aimed at the retro chic youth out there… most of which have never seen or will be likely to appreciate the care taken to produce this bad boy.

The details?
These trikes will be available beginning in August of next year for a suggested price of about USD $3,700 with a production run of 500… which I guess makes these rarer than most any exotic out there. I wonder how many kids will actually get to give one a spin?

More photos of the Morgan Supersport Junior Pedal Car here courtesy of Autoblog.

Classic Pedal Cars? Where Were These When I Was Young

Classic pedal cars for your retro styling child driver. All she needs is a baby chauffeur.

In my day the world was all Big Wheels and six-wheeled alligator amphibious vehicle replicas. I remember hearing about pedal cars from my family, and seeing them in old family photo albums, but I don’t know anyone who had one and oddly didn’t lust after them at all.

This post over at changed my mind real fast despite the years that have passed. The one with flames will be mine.