Unique Clothes For Your Son / Daughter? Stimulating Decor For The Kids’ Room? Done And Done

Decals bring a child's room to life with color and interest.

Just a quick post to clear out some of the bookmarks and starred items I’ve gathered from various places over the past couple weeks. Apologies if you’ve already seen some of these!

Colors, colors everywhere. There were a few posts recently that featured very bold colors on both clothes and room decor recently. First up, a line of children’s clothing called Polka that was featured over at Junior Society. Sure the colors may give you headaches in time, but man, at least you know you won’t lose your son/daughter in a crowd!

The second example comes from OhDeeDo with one of their nursery tours, in this case a room with an incredible chocolate brown wall accented with a “dot mural” growing out of, and accenting one of the great furniture pieces they’ve selected. I’m not sure if those are decals or what, but the contrast between the dots and the chocolate brown paint is fantastic.

You Know I Like Rooms Decorated With Tasteful Decals

Chalkboard Owl decals will make your child's room more fun, and give them somewhere to scribble

But this takes the cake.
While the actual owl forms don’t really do it for me, the concept is a fun one. Modern Dose is calling them Chalkals and while I’m I’m not sold on the name I’m going to bookmark the site and watch for design updates.

Like a decal these chalkals add fun design flair to your children’s walls, and in this case allow them to add some of their own creativity. The designs act as chalkboards that your kids can scribble on and erase as they please.

Your primary challenge? Ensuring they always use chalk and that they keep their creativity within the lines!

Why Can’t Art For The Kid’s Room Be Interesting Art?

You Don't Have To Go Childish To Decorate A Child's Room.

A few of our friends with recent additions have decided to go the decal route in their kids’ rooms… in some cases its swirly abstract patterns on the walls, in another it’s letters that spell personality traits they hope their child will display.

Other friends have gone the old school route with animals etc painted on the wall to welcome their kids home.

I’m fine with that I guess… but I’d love to know what the impact would be if you were to decorate a room with something a little more edgy. I’m not talking Luke Chueh or anything though I really, REALLY like his art, but something slightly in that direction. How about:
Tim Biskup;
Audrey Kawasaki;
David Horvath;
Queen Andrea;
Blaine Fontana.

I don’t know about you, but I think I’m onto something here.