Sometimes The Best Toys Are The Simplest Ones

I’m not suggesting we go back to wire and a loop… or just a cardboard box, unless that’s what the kid asks for. That said, you don’t need to spend thousands to keep a kid and their friends happy.

Evidence you demand? Evidence you shall have.

All you need is a little dish soap (do they make that stuff biodegradable now?), water and one of these sweet, sweet, multiple ring bubble makers.

You don’t have to break the bank to bring the kids to your yard.

Boon Flo Water Deflector And Faucet Cover

_Boon Flow Water Deflector And Faucet Cover

This probably falls in the realm of “is it really necessary,” however I suspect that if I were to ask my mother if my butt ever lost traction with the tub floor resulting in a temporary dent in my scalp the answer would be a quick “Yes.”

That said, if you have money lying around and enjoy explaining your child’s over-engineered gadgets to friends and family the Flo water deflector and faucet cover might well be worth a look. Based on the summary (and minor personal embellishment) it:

  • deflects water so your child doesn’t get pinned to the bottom as the tub fills;
  • acts as a cushion so your child’s soft head doesn’t get dented as mine did, and;
  • dispenses bubble bath (I wonder if pablum would work so you could feed and bathe at the same time…)

Best of all it only costs $14.99