Back To School For Kids Of All Ages

Back to school means peace for you. Deck your kids out correctly so they don't come home crying.

Well, maybe not all ages. With this post I’ll choose a few items for those kids in or entering grade school. Bear in mind this is not (obviously) meant to be a comprehensive list, but rather start sharing some fun items that your kids are sure to love.

Pencil cases are important to a kid. Let them show their personality.

Before we get to the implements themselves, how about a bag to hold them in? The Fleurville Khaki Camo Messenger bag will give your kid a bit of an edge when he walks through the doors.
You’ll also need a pencil case for those writing instruments… and with all the selection I think I’ll opt for a simple list:
Green Hills zipper pouch
Aqua retro flower pouch
One for every day of the week!
Orange blossom pouch
Elephants pouch

Back to school means peace for you. Pack their lunch so they don't come home crying.

Aside from recess and gym, lunch is the best part of the day. Especially if you’re the kid rolling into class with one of these lunchboxes… or this animal lunchbag, this striped number or maybe these personalized metal lunchboxes.
Can’t forget the Bananaguard!

Let them know your kid means business with this gym gorilla tshirt.

Phys-ed related
Best. Gym Shirt. Evar.

Slogging through the rain on her way home doesn't need to be work.

Clothing related.
Charlie and Lola rubber boots… I don’t know who Charlie and Lola are, but rubber boots in Vancouver are a must!
Raincoats to go with your child’s rubber boots? Check!
You know what’s coming next… the Small Paul Julius umbrella, which could actually be used in the sun as well to keep those harmful rays at bay!