Boon Flo Water Deflector And Faucet Cover

_Boon Flow Water Deflector And Faucet Cover

This probably falls in the realm of “is it really necessary,” however I suspect that if I were to ask my mother if my butt ever lost traction with the tub floor resulting in a temporary dent in my scalp the answer would be a quick “Yes.”

That said, if you have money lying around and enjoy explaining your child’s over-engineered gadgets to friends and family the Flo water deflector and faucet cover might well be worth a look. Based on the summary (and minor personal embellishment) it:

  • deflects water so your child doesn’t get pinned to the bottom as the tub fills;
  • acts as a cushion so your child’s soft head doesn’t get dented as mine did, and;
  • dispenses bubble bath (I wonder if pablum would work so you could feed and bathe at the same time…)

Best of all it only costs $14.99

Boon Inc. Simple Items For Complex Kids

Boon Inc., Simple, Tasteful, Well-Designed Items For Children.

There’s something about really simple items designed for kids. I detest the overly busy crap friends’ parents always seem to gift to them… Why can’t it be ok to get a kid something that’s bright and colourful, without being obnoxious?

Anyway, here’s a good example of a winning product site in my books, Boon Inc. Even the site is beautiful in its simplicity… and gives you a sense of what the products will be like.

In particular I like the following:

Camo Coveralls
Come on, who can resist a kid in camo… and camo coveralls to boot? Chalk one up for the small one.

Squirt Dispensing Spoon
I don’t need to say much about this one other than “I’m getting one for myself.”

Trio Animal Bag
Ok, so I don’t completely get this one. I understand that its a) a soft plush bag that your child can play on and b) a place where she can store her ‘soft’ toys, however I know that its only a matter of time before her little brother hides a sharp cornered Tonka truck beneath the stuffed animals. Good concept, not entirely sold on the final product.

Snack Ball
Simple ball with a sliding lid to hold junior’s snacks. Orange and white, clean and simple… and it reminds me of putting carrots and apples in blocks of ice to challenge polar bears at the zoo.