Child Pushbike For The Pre X-Games Set

One up the neighbours with this high performance pushbike. Bmx for your young child.

I love those wooden push bikes that have been showing up all over the neighbourhood this summer. In fact, I was almost run down by one this afternoon while walking along the path at Kits Beach… kid was not impressed that I didn’t respect his space.

Anyway, check out this Kiddimoto Suzuki GSX-R push bike posted at Automotoportal that will allow your little daredevil to put his competitors in the neighbourhood to shame (not that I condone that kind of child on child competition).

Kids Won’t Leave The Couch And Exercise? They Don’t Need To. where the couchbike hits the road and kids learn that they don't have to leave the couch to have fun.

Worried your beautiful little baby will get hooked on Wii or PS3 before she even learns to walk? I`m willing to bet your concern is not misplaced. Kids are getting fatter and video games are getting more addictive. Couches? Well couches are just as comfy as they’ve always been.

The kids over at have an interesting solution with a custom project they’ve designed and proven – their couch bike. This is no temperamental prototype folks.. this is the real deal as far as chain-driven couches are concerned.

If you find yourself in south western Ontario look them up and spring for a few of the strangest rentals you and your kids are likely to encounter during this lifetime.