Boon Flo Water Deflector And Faucet Cover

_Boon Flow Water Deflector And Faucet Cover

This probably falls in the realm of “is it really necessary,” however I suspect that if I were to ask my mother if my butt ever lost traction with the tub floor resulting in a temporary dent in my scalp the answer would be a quick “Yes.”

That said, if you have money lying around and enjoy explaining your child’s over-engineered gadgets to friends and family the Flo water deflector and faucet cover might well be worth a look. Based on the summary (and minor personal embellishment) it:

  • deflects water so your child doesn’t get pinned to the bottom as the tub fills;
  • acts as a cushion so your child’s soft head doesn’t get dented as mine did, and;
  • dispenses bubble bath (I wonder if pablum would work so you could feed and bathe at the same time…)

Best of all it only costs $14.99