Need A Name And Losing Patience?

Give What A Lovely Name a try.

I will admit that I didn’t use it much, but I don’t think I’d consider the vast majority of the names suggested… that said its an interesting site.

You can start your baby name search by sorting based on Disposition, Celebrity Babies and Traditions. From there you specify whether you’re looking to name a baby boy or a baby girl, and can just point and click to narrow the result set before looking at the names themselves.

There seems to be a certain ethnic focus as the recommendations were generally names that I’ve never encountered before. For example, you want to base your search on Disposition of brave, calm and independent? No problem, there are 2 results.

Mas’ud and… well, Mas’ud again.

Must Read BEFORE Choosing Names

If you haven’t been to Cool Mom Picks, you need to go check them out. A few days ago they posted regarding a book offered by Amazon called “Bad Baby Names.”

With all the so-called creative naming going on these days around baby names I think it would be prudent to drop the $9.95 on this one.

Don’t believe me? Have a peak at Celebrity baby names, or better yet have a look at the review scores for the book over at Amazon.

I’m including a few example names below. See if you can figure out who’s responsible ;)
Piper Maru
Sailor Lee
Phoenix Chi
Heavenly Hiraani
Tiger Lily
I could go on and on…
Note: if I’ve offended anyone with this list, I apologize. This wasn’t meant to be personal… but if you’re on here your name is weird.