Back To School. Back To Blogging.

Pray that your child will become sexy, but not sexy enough for this list.

I keep forgetting to post out of office notes on this blog when I’m going to be away. My bad.

Just a few quick links until I regain my footing.

Popular Baby Products provides a link to Quote The Walls, a site offering vinyl words in various fonts tailored to the rooms in your home. While generally a bit cheesy, I have seen this done to good effect in a friend’s child’s room.

Foods that taste great to kids but that don’t win over many adults. Examples? Fun Dip, KFC, Pop Tarts, Candy Cigarettes and Fig Newtons. I agree with him on most of these, however KFC has a place at the table one day out of 365… and then only after having chilled for a night in the refrigerator. I would add White Spot hamburgers to the list, and include what I believe to be true, that there is a child-addictive substance in the triple-O sauce that entraps children and brings them back as adults.

Sexy People. This site has nothing to do with children other than to serve as a warning to parents… any photos you take of your children could come back to haunt them. It’s the internet… get used to it.

Adiri natural… because it looks like it *SHOULD work.

Friday Linkfest

Why buy a tshirt everyone else has? Especially when you can get a limited run shirt that's way cooler?

Not feeling very talkative today so a linkfest it is.

The inlaws have a poodle that runs the house. The dog is king… and a king deserves a throne. Yourhighnesspetbeds over at Etsy has just the thing. If only they made it in a colour that suited the cabin!

Still over at Etsy… the buttfreckle!?!?! The Spanish ball moss one freaks me out.

Time to potty train? Why not help them along with some serious graphics. It’s not just potty time… it’s time to DROP BOMBS.

Ahpeele has some pretty sweet designs. I’m adding this link as much to bookmark the seller for myself as to share it with you :)

Don’t pity these fools

More Etsy Magic

Oneupdesign and Etsy pair to bring you these great decals to decorate your child's room. Happy kids!

I’m really starting to love Etsy, some of the items on offer are incredibly creative. This particular seller, Oneupdesigns is playing to my current room decoration fetish, wall decals.

Among their other creative offerings, pay particular attention to the Early Bird Wall Graphic and the Chimp Wall Graphic. Not only are the designs nicely proportioned and presented, but you can select from over 30 colours to match your child’s room (or your room, whatever the case may be).

Best of all, these decals aren’t a commitment. They’re completely removable when you’re tired of them. Decorating children’s rooms is becoming easier and easier, and the options more and more varied and creative. It almost makes you want to have another ;)

Oneupdesign’s primary website can be found here.

You Know I Like Rooms Decorated With Tasteful Decals

Chalkboard Owl decals will make your child's room more fun, and give them somewhere to scribble

But this takes the cake.
While the actual owl forms don’t really do it for me, the concept is a fun one. Modern Dose is calling them Chalkals and while I’m I’m not sold on the name I’m going to bookmark the site and watch for design updates.

Like a decal these chalkals add fun design flair to your children’s walls, and in this case allow them to add some of their own creativity. The designs act as chalkboards that your kids can scribble on and erase as they please.

Your primary challenge? Ensuring they always use chalk and that they keep their creativity within the lines!

Why Can’t Art For The Kid’s Room Be Interesting Art?

You Don't Have To Go Childish To Decorate A Child's Room.

A few of our friends with recent additions have decided to go the decal route in their kids’ rooms… in some cases its swirly abstract patterns on the walls, in another it’s letters that spell personality traits they hope their child will display.

Other friends have gone the old school route with animals etc painted on the wall to welcome their kids home.

I’m fine with that I guess… but I’d love to know what the impact would be if you were to decorate a room with something a little more edgy. I’m not talking Luke Chueh or anything though I really, REALLY like his art, but something slightly in that direction. How about:
Tim Biskup;
Audrey Kawasaki;
David Horvath;
Queen Andrea;
Blaine Fontana.

I don’t know about you, but I think I’m onto something here.

Beearo Veneer Decals

Wood veneer decals for your child's bedroom. And, they're reusable!!!

I love the idea of using decals to bring a little fun into a kid’s room. Many of the decal’s I’ve seen are ‘one-time use’ and most are plasticky, but this Beearo place apparently has wood veneer decals to set you apart from the Joneses.

Call me fad-driven, but my favourites are Bamboo Large and Vine Large.

Good thing they can be reused because I can guarantee I’d never get them right the first time. Something tells me kids would love them… and possibly peel them away and ‘redesign’ over your hard work.