Falling Into The Marketing Trap – Automoblox Toy Cars For Me Or The Baby?

Recently I found myself picking up a couple Automoblox mini vehicles from Manhattan Toy for my son without even considering for a second whether he would enjoy the toy. Essentially I think I fell into a potential Apple trap where marketing, design and packaging made me pull the trigger without doing the evaluation that I would normally do before purchase. Fortunately, in this case I think I made the right call.

Basically I’ve bought 2 Automoblox mini vehicles for my son, and I find them shockingly addictive. Fortunately he seems to love them as well so I don’t feel so bad buying them. That said, I’ve also ordered 4 additional as ‘stocking stuffers’ for the Christmas Holiday that is still 2 months away. The first vehicles I bought are the following:
Automoblox Mini T900 Truck
Automoblox Mini C9-S Berlinetta

Here’s what I like about them.

  1. They look great. My opinion, you judge for yourself

  2. No sharp metal or hard plastic edges. We have leather couches and I’ve been really surprised how many toys that don’t look risky are actually able to leave marks on the leather. The Automoblox cars we have today are smooth enough that there have been no issues with furniture.
  3. They come apart and can be rearranged into new vehicle combinations. Each vehicle body breaks into 2 or more major pieces as well as the windshield can be removed as can the wheels. We haven’t shown our little guy that the wheels come off so he’s not tempted to put them in his mouth, but he enjoys disassembling and reasseembling the other components across vehicles.
  4. They appear to be pretty robust. We haven’t lost or broken any element of these cars yet despite very heavy use.

I can’t comment on the larger Automoblox cars, but I assume they are equally well put together, if not moreso.

Next Time Your Kid Asks For Something Just Because The Neighbor Kids Don’t Have One

Consider showing up with one of these.
There’s something terrifying about this little fella that will forever prevent me from following my own advice, but if you’re in the mood to try your hand at a Kangaroo rat (at least that’s what I’m told this thing is) then please let me know how it goes.

Oh, and take a photo of your kid when they first lay eyes on it :)

From the Daily What

Environmentally Friendly Toys And BIkes For Your Kids

I seem to be on a vehicle kick these last few posts, and this one doesn’t break from that trend. Fueled by Inhabitots I bring you the Bamboo E-Racer and yet another pushbike, the Wishbone Pre-Bike.

The Wishbone Pre-Bike is customizable as your child grows. Initially it can be configured as a trike, moving to a pushbike for little-uns, and then you can flip the ‘wishbone’ to create a pushbike for older kids. Cool idea, especially given that the bike is made of 60% post-consumer recycled plastic wheels and sustainably managed wood. Apparently even the box and printed materials are made of ecofriendly materials.

As for the E-Racer, these toy cars are made of bamboo and water-based paint. It might be worth heading over and checking out the other products made by the same manufacturer. Head to Inhabitots as they have a link to the manufacturer in their post.

Pedal Cars Taken To The Extreme

This one’s from Autoblog and features a pedal car like none I’ve ever seen or will be likely to afford. In this case its a 3-wheeled Morgan pedal car aimed at the retro chic youth out there… most of which have never seen or will be likely to appreciate the care taken to produce this bad boy.

The details?
These trikes will be available beginning in August of next year for a suggested price of about USD $3,700 with a production run of 500… which I guess makes these rarer than most any exotic out there. I wonder how many kids will actually get to give one a spin?

More photos of the Morgan Supersport Junior Pedal Car here courtesy of Autoblog.

A Little Bit Of This, A Little Bit Of That

I don’t know if this is awesome or should be illegal. Sandy Paws Grooming Shop Creative Grooming Awards honours the folks who do more to embarrass their pets than anyone else in America. I have to side with “should be illegal” however judging by the reactions to the two died dogs occasionally seen being walked in our neighbourhood I’ll leave it to personal taste.

I’ve posted a number of items about pushbike variants recently, but Babygadget presents this scooter pushbike twist on the standard. Have a look.

I’m a fan of urban vinyl, and stumbled across one of these wooden Be@rbricks at a shop on Burrard in Vancouver not long ago. Thanks to Inhabitots for posting some more information on the wooden Bearbrick figures which while probably not ideal toys for your children are certainly appealing gifts for you.

Everyone needs a glass eyeball. If you agree with that statement head over to Junior Society and pick your colour.

Finally we saw Iron Man the other night. Pretty entertaining movie and very cool costume. This kid in his Iron Man costume would appear to agree.

Random Post Thursday

Let loose this holiday season and forget about your low fat diet for a few days. To help you along that path here are links to a couple books I’m planning to pick up (admittedly as gags) for stocking stuffers and such:

Fat: An Appreciation of a Misunderstood Ingredient, With Recipes

Bones: Recipes, History, and Lore

SharmaDesigns over at Etsy has a ton of reasonably priced, wooden jewelry suitable for adults and maybe for older kids as well. You can browse their store here

TheStranger compares a couple of interesting photographs of little girls (one unknown, one suddenly in the spotlight) on The Slog. I’ll leave you to check them out yourself as I’m sure my attempts at a description wouldn’t do the post justice.

Gizmodo.com posted information on leaked Toys ‘R’ Us Black Friday sale details. While I’m sure there won’t be nearly enough for most of us to secure them, the doorbusters promise insane deals for those willing to stand in line to save money for Jr’s gifts this year. It’s going to be a tough Holiday for most of us, but it appears that deals will be plentiful on toys and other items your kids are asking for.

Kidhaus posted about the Puj Tub for the baby on the go. It fits in a bathroom sink and flattens for easy portability… what’s even better? Head over to Kidhaus and benefit from their discount on Puj products. G’wan git!

Speaking of discounts, head over to Babygadget for the details of their 20% discount on the Short Hat Company’s winter hat collection.

Like I said, there will be sales aplenty this Holiday season!