Automation To The Rescue, Indoor Robot Baby Carriages!

Remember the gold plated rocket car we were promised as kids? Well it looks like it's arrived for us in time to be parents

So from what I can tell this robot baby carriage promises to keep your baby happy and comfortable while you and your spouse are taking care of routine tasks around the home. From the BMGK Co Ltd website you’ll find it promises to:

  • provide a comfortable chair from which your baby can watch you work

  • provide an equally comfortable cradle when junior falls asleep
  • act as a swing when baby wakes up. Oddly the swing isn’t in a pendulum motion but rather what they describe as a horizontal sliding motion. Weird
  • provide a ‘maneuvering’ mode that as far as I can tell is very roomba-like and moves around the room without hitting furniture. Hopefully it knows what stairs are as well
  • clean up easily, allow you to move it manually and hold a charge for over 3 days

I don’t know about this one. If anyone’s had an opportunity to try one out I’d love to know how it works. If it lives up to the promises then the $500.00 price tag may be a steal.

Found over at The Daily What

Pramulator Baby Carriage. A Baby Stroller Guaranteed Way To Stand Out. No Matter Where You Live.

Pramulator Pic: Pramulator is a weird cross between a baby carriage and a shiny silver airstream trailer

Forget those flashy modern $2000 strollers and hippy slings, Neatorama has the answer for the parents wanting a unique solution to baby care. Some guy named John Knott came up with the Pramulator, which they compare to an airstream trailer crossed with a baby carriage. I can see that, however I’m going to take a modern-retro approach in describing it as a cross between an old school baby carriage (those white tires need hundred spoke wheels) and a Bugatti Veyron Pur Sang in chrome.

Biggest concern when looking at this thing is that little arch behind the baby’s head. I know that pic looks like its from the 50s or something… back when there were no rules and kids played with razor blades, but shouldn’t that thing be ringed with padding?

Here it is, the Pramulator

What’s A Baby Hot Rod Look Like? Sit A Bit, Pull Up A Child And Let Me Show You.

Kids, don't put up with boring strollers. This is your chance for a custom stroller... a retro stroller... your stroller.


They had an unusual child-focused post over at Autoblog the other day to feature a series of trikes and strollers that will make you unique on your block without a doubt.
Gone are the days of the $1,000 stroller that every other freakin person on your block has, just in a different colour. If you have cash to burn on your baby and are looking for something truly unique for your child, look no further.

Aside: I seem to have forgotten about my “prepare for recession” comment in the previous post.

Kid Kustoms offers a number of conversions for jogging strollers to give them a customized retro look that’ll have jaws dropping for blocks.

If I were going to ride in one of these it would be The Dean or one of the Trikes for bigger kids featured in their Blog.

How much? Well… if you need to ask you don’t love your baby enough ;)
Sorry, that was in poor taste. It will set your child’s college fund back between $2,000 to $3,500 dollars each.

Unrelated Thursday Linkfest

Giant nose shower soap dispenser makes bathtime fun.

Here’s a random selection to keep you distracted for a few minutes.

Being a bit of a Star Wars nerd I found this AT-AT stroller to be mind-blowing.

This one’s for the dads. With all the sleep you’re missing chances are you’re not doing a very good job of keeping yourself clean shaven. As such this $168.00 Mustache Comb Necklace might be for you… um… yeah, that’s right, Mustache Comb Necklace. I wonder if this is for real.

Kid asking you to join them on their next camping trip? With Paganini there’s no reason to say no. Fyi, without Paganini there are many, many, many reasons to say no. Consider bears, skunks, porcupines, infrequent showers, campfire songs, burnt smores and other peoples’ kids.

Does your child get his lunch stolen at school? Well, not with this he won’t.

Kid’s don’t like to bathe? Install the Nose Shower Gel Dispenser and I will wager that they begin to look forward to bathtime. Don’t forget the green food colouring!

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