When A Child’s Toy Is Not A Child’s Toy

Since about 2002 I’ve been a huge fan of the urban vinyl craze (see Kidrobot for examples) and all the figures, art and toys that it’s spawned. At times I’ve taken those items and gifted them to kids as birthdays and other occasions presented themselves. Lately I’ve noticed that one has to be more and more careful when purchasing vinyl and plush items as all-too-often what seems funny at the checkout seems entirely inappropriate at home as its being wrapped. I’ve collected a few examples below. Enjoy.

The Daily What recently featured this disturbing bambi plush figure.

I have this Gloomy Bear plush figure on my desk as I type this. I still find it hilarious, but the bloody lips and rather sharp plastic claws make it a risky purchase for kids.

The greatest uglydoll of them all, the octopus with chest hair apparently sheds that chest hair and so had to be taken away from the kid I sent it to. Unfortunate as it was a hilarious doll… but seems to have been discontinued as I don’t see it on the uglydoll site.

Anyway, you get the picture. With the trend toward innocent toys for adults its sometimes tempting to try and transfer them on to children which in some cases can be pretty risky. Not to mention the fact that many of these are made in China, and as a result the messaging regarding age groups is not always as clear as it might be. Case in point the mustached labbit I recently bought for a friend’s baby. It wasn’t clear whether it was to be kept away from children younger than 3, or whether that applied to the plastic bag it was purchased in.

A Year Of Lex. A Baby Photo A Day From Day 1 To 365.

Watching this video wasn’t as compelling as I thought it might be. The videos of adults taking day by day over the course of a year, or more spectacularly of pregnant mothers taken every day prior to birth both show noticeable and at times remarkable change. In the case of this baby, the change is (I guess not surprisingly) less obvious particularly without something present for scale.

Anyway, interesting nonetheless so have a look. Baby photographed every day for the first year of life.

Unique Clothes For Your Son / Daughter? Stimulating Decor For The Kids’ Room? Done And Done

Decals bring a child's room to life with color and interest.

Just a quick post to clear out some of the bookmarks and starred items I’ve gathered from various places over the past couple weeks. Apologies if you’ve already seen some of these!

Colors, colors everywhere. There were a few posts recently that featured very bold colors on both clothes and room decor recently. First up, a line of children’s clothing called Polka that was featured over at Junior Society. Sure the colors may give you headaches in time, but man, at least you know you won’t lose your son/daughter in a crowd!

The second example comes from OhDeeDo with one of their nursery tours, in this case a room with an incredible chocolate brown wall accented with a “dot mural” growing out of, and accenting one of the great furniture pieces they’ve selected. I’m not sure if those are decals or what, but the contrast between the dots and the chocolate brown paint is fantastic.

Random Links For A Thursday

Winkler and Noah Puppet Show dolls from Likecool.com

Ultrasound via cellphone from The Daily What

Fun peanut butter and jelly soap set from Rare Bird Finds

Custom comic invitations from Cool Mom Picks

Great wall butterflies from Baby Gadget

Stylish rocking horse from Baby Gadget

Bubblegum cocktail weenies from Rare Bird Finds

Kidlandia. Website That Let’s Kids Create And Print Custom Maps

Ok, here’s how it works. Your little one chooses a map from the set of available maps on the site. Once your child has selected her map, she enters a number of different attributes to customize the map to her experience. For example, ruler’s name, gender, title, birthday, as well as names of other friends or family to appear on the map. From there you create an account and make your purchase.

Is $39.95 too much for a produced, canvas version of the map she created? Probably not if the quality is good… but I leave that to you.