Things To Do On A Rainy Weekend #1. Visit A Fire Station

This past weekend was a mess weather-wise. Hard, continuous rain, high winds and generally cool temperatures meant the park, the beach and even the woods were out. As chance would have it we were visited by some firemen who were doing random checks of buildings in our neighbourhood. While chatting with them they mentioned that if we ever “saw the door open” at the local fire hall we should feel free to come knocking.

Fast forward 2 hours and we were standing in front of the fire station as those same firemen arrived back. True to their word they opened the doors and invited our little guy in to see the trucks.

Not surprisingly he loved it. They let him sit in the seats, both back and front of the big fire truck as well as one of the smaller ones. They suggested he try on the helmet, which he refused but also showed him the various hoses, and other equipment. Before we left we were provided with a bit of swag to take with us so he’d remember his visit.

I don’t know how often they have to do this, but I expect its a regular occurrence and I thank them for it. So, if the weather turns on you and you’re looking for something to occupy a few hours on a weekend don’t forget about your local fire station. Your kids will love it.

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