Traveling With A Toddler. Crazy Seat Prices Over 2 Years Old

Ok, so our toddler is over 2 years old and we’ve benefited several times from the ‘lap infant’ policy of most airlines in the past. What’s got me is that this holiday two things have changed.

1. Our little guys, as stated above, is now over 2 years old and so no longer qualifies to be a lap infant. This despite the fact that I doubt he’ll sit in his seat for more than take-off and landing.
2. This year airfares in Canada are CRAZY!!! 3 people (2 adults, one toddler) flying from the west coast to Toronto totals almost $3,000. THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS.

This year we’re lucky and I was able to book our flights on points, but it wasn’t easy. The number of points required was higher than normal, and our program’s ‘partner airlines’ had conveniently blacked out the entire holiday season such that we weren’t able to get a direct flight and have to ping-pong through Chicago of all places (praying for no holiday snowstorms).

All this despite having booked a couple months in advance. Good times.

What makes it all the more frustrating is that a couple weeks ago I booked a work flight 5 days in advance that saw me bounce from Western Canada, to Salt Lake City, then to Silicon Valley then back to Canada and the entire trip cost less than $700. 5 days in advance.

Dear airlines. Please note that unless fares change this is likely to be the last holiday flight east for us for a long while. Further, it might help to ease the irritation if you didn’t have a UI that suggested that there would be some discount for children when there’s not. It’s very irritating to specify the number of adults, then the number of children and then be prompted what what age (greater than 2) the child is when there’s no change in fee. Might as well just ask how many passengers over 2 and be done with it, then allow the purchaser to confirm that there are adults with the group.

So irritated.

Things To Do On A Rainy Weekend #1. Visit A Fire Station

This past weekend was a mess weather-wise. Hard, continuous rain, high winds and generally cool temperatures meant the park, the beach and even the woods were out. As chance would have it we were visited by some firemen who were doing random checks of buildings in our neighbourhood. While chatting with them they mentioned that if we ever “saw the door open” at the local fire hall we should feel free to come knocking.

Fast forward 2 hours and we were standing in front of the fire station as those same firemen arrived back. True to their word they opened the doors and invited our little guy in to see the trucks.

Not surprisingly he loved it. They let him sit in the seats, both back and front of the big fire truck as well as one of the smaller ones. They suggested he try on the helmet, which he refused but also showed him the various hoses, and other equipment. Before we left we were provided with a bit of swag to take with us so he’d remember his visit.

I don’t know how often they have to do this, but I expect its a regular occurrence and I thank them for it. So, if the weather turns on you and you’re looking for something to occupy a few hours on a weekend don’t forget about your local fire station. Your kids will love it.

Halloween? What Halloween?

Ok, I’m disappointed, and more than a little relieved that our little one doesn’t really ‘get’ the whole Halloween thing. Why? West coast weather is why. No don’t get me wrong, what we experienced out here doesn’t hold a candle to the challenges faced by those folks on the East coast dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. Not one bit, however it was unfortunate that on Halloween we experienced the heaviest downpours I can remember since I moved up here.

All you kids who didn’t make it to our door to take the candy on offer, I understand. If you come back today the candy’s all yours.

To those 7 brave souls (and the Stormtrooper parents) who did come by. My hat is off to you.