Blast Off! Let The Terrible Twos Begin

Our son has decided that he’s not going to listen to us anymore. Well timed given that he turned two a little over a week ago. He’s now got either this scowl, or a blank stare for those times that we’ve caught up to him and are explaining the need to listen to mom & dad and respond appropriately. Good times.

Some recent examples:

Walking home from daycare and he suddenly runs toward the intersection. As we state, “Slow down please” and eventually “Stop” over and over, instead of slowing down as he once did, he continues head down into the street… or he would have had we not physically prevented him from doing so.

Time for bed. Notsomuch. Conveniently chooses to not hear us and continue playing with his toys (admittedly this one isn’t so new).

Going down stairs to bed. Where before he happily reversed down the stairs, for some reason he has a desire to proceed down forward on his bum. While in itself this might not be so bad, it is paired with his apparent inability to understand that he can fall easily from great heights.

And on and on it goes. Time to sit down with our daycare provider for some coaching.

Wrap these up in a couple of the better temper tantrums we’ve seen in his two years and there you have it.

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