Toilet Seat Locks. How to Remove That Cursed Adhesive!?!!

Why is it that our child safety devices almost never come with instructions for uninstalling them? Case in point our Safety 1st toilet lock, as well as the oven lock we recently installed. Fortunately the oven lock is working well and can be left installed for the time being, especially as our toddler becomes more and more interested in what we’re doing in the kitchen.

The problem is the Safety 1st toilet lock. First, the spring mechanism snapped a week ago so that the arm just swung freely rather than locking anything. Next, the mechanism just broke entirely as I demonstrated to my wife that the toilet locked no more. Finally, when I sat down (crouched actually) to remove what was left of the lock it became apparent that it wasn’t meant to be uninstalled. Sigh. The adhesive used is certainly quality stuff (unfortunately). The only reference I could find online had to do with someone tearing the finish off a wooden (ouch, splinters) toilet seat in an attempt to remove the toilet lock when their kids had outgrown it.

All I can think of is to just pour Goo-B-Gone or nail polish remover on the seat in the hope that it will make its way to the adhesive and give us a hand.

If you know the secret, please, please, please let me know. For now I’m off to pry the finish off our seat.

3 comments on “Toilet Seat Locks. How to Remove That Cursed Adhesive!?!!

  1. Did you ever find out the best way to remove this god forsaken thing? We had a guest over who just broke off the arm when he had to use the rest room (guess we should put a note about operations above the toilet) Anyway it is a pretty decent product for us, we just need to figure it out so we can replace it. Any advice would be greatly appricated.


  2. My wife did manage to get it off… let me check with her this evening and reply back. It was a pain in the butt for sure.

  3. Hopefully you get this. I spoke with my wife and to remove the toilet seat lock affixed to the toilet lid and toilet tank my wife ended up using a fairly robust spatula paired with orange oil. Good luck!

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