Making And Sharing HD Movies To Preserve Your Memories

I just had a look at our “Baby Movies” folder on our backup drive and wow… I had no idea how many photos and videos we’ve been collecting :)

At the 20 month mark we’ve amassed over 30GB of video, of course poorly labelled and categorized (my fault… I’ll get to it eventually). Now I fully anticipated that we’d have video, but 30GB!

We have friends who use their cellphones to take videos of their kids, but of course that leaves them with uncompressed video that’s difficult to post or share. At the recommendation of a friend we’d picked up a Flip Mino video recorder and while I initially had my doubts its proved to be a great purchase for a few different reasons.


  • Price. You can pick one of these things up for well under $100. See the cons section for what you’re trading off for this price.
  • Quality. The model we have gives us 720p video, which for the price seems very reasonable.
  • Sharing. Flip provides software that makes downloading and sharing your videos very simple. We’ve created sharing groups and download rules and I think we’d be shot if we stopped sending videos out at this point.


  • Support. Flip was acquired by Cisco a while back, but Cisco shuttered this business in 2011. That said the web-based hosting of videos and ability to share videos and so forth continue to be supported.
  • Image Stabilization. This camera doesn’t have it, so if your hand is shaking, so will the video.

I’ll post more thoughts on the Flip in a bit, but wanted to get something up rather than wait until I had the content 100% baked.

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