Two Baby Birthday Parties in One Day

I’m still struggling to understand how this happened. Our son is 13 months old, doesn’t know what a birthday is and quite frankly isn’t interested in playing with other kids. Despite this we have somehow signed up to spend our Saturday at 2 separate baby birthday parties. Two. On the last moderately sunny day for the next four. The break between them will of course be consumed by naptime and they will be bounded on the outside by naps and feeding.

I would like to propose that it be made acceptable, no, expected that in the event a baby is invited to more than one baby-related event in a given day, that the earlier of those events will be given precidence and those that follow should not anticipate attendance. Further, no guilt shall be felt by, or laid by any party involved. All those in favor press your Escape key repeatedly in support.

UPDATE: survived them… And holy crap does fondant ever send kids through the roof.

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