Baby Sunscreen. Here Comes The Sun.

So after a pretty dreary spring and early summer the sun has arrived and it’s arrived with a vengeance. The sun rises early and chases away the clouds on a daily basis, beating down on the poor folks who forgot to apply sunscreen before they left for the day… but not our son.

After trying a few different baby sunscreen options we’ve settled on Aveeno Baby Sunscreen, and specifically the Aveeno Baby Sunblock SPF-55.

Why the Aveeno Baby? Well, I won’t say its the best as we only tried a couple before we settled on this one so there may well be others that are as good or better, but the Aveeno sunblock seems to meet our needs.

  • It has a very light, unobtrusive smell.
  • It goes on easily and isn’t sticky or greasy
  • It is easy to apply and doesn’t leave our little guy streaked with white
  • It is reasonably priced

Believe me, easy to apply and not greasy are KEY. Once you start to apply the sunscreen if your baby is anything like ours they’ll have little patience as you rub it on. Further, the greasier it is the harder it will be to contain your child, and so the harder it will be to finish applying the sunscreen :)

I’ll also mention that my sister in law highly recommends Badger Baby Sunscreen though we’ve never tried it. For now I think we’ll stick with Aveeno if for no other reason that the Aveeno Baby is SPF 55 while the Badger Baby sunscreen appears to be SPF 30-35.

Anyway, hoping this will help some folks looking for options where the products they’ve tried to date haven’t met their needs. Good luck!

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