Update on Baby Shoe Purchasing

On the subject of buying toddler shoes, and whether new is smarter than buying used I heard back from one person. Her perspective was that you shouldn’t buy used because the shoe will have been worn in to the shape of the previous owner. I guess this makes sense at some level, but on the other hand I wouldn’t have thought that a baby or toddler would be walking enough, or with enough pressure to wear a shoe down that much. Especially in our scenario where our little guy isn’t walking yet and so would do very little wear on his boots and shoes.

Any thoughts from others?

Baby shoes. Acceptable practice and recommended brands

Not surprisingly our little guy is growing at a furious pace and we’re doing a poor job of keeping up. His pants are now capris, and his shoes only go on easily early in the day. Shame on us.

This morning we stopped at a local shop and tried on a few pair which immediately confirmed that it is time for new shoes for our soon to be toddler.on selecting a pair of Stride Rite sandals in size 4.5 we were given a bit of shocking news. $52 for toddler sandals. Seriously?!?

Now on checking eBay and Amazon in the US I’ve come to the welcome realization that our local store was trying to screw us royally. That said before I pull the trigger I have two questions. When buying shoes for a baby our toddler:

1. Are there any risks in buying used shoes assuming that they will be thoroughly laundered before our little guy is allowed to wear them?

2. What brands are most reliable? We tried on See Kai Run but they didn’t work with his chubby feet, as well as Stride Rite which seemed to fit really well. Any others I should consider?

One thing’s for sure. When it comes to baby footwear I won’t be buying local.

Two Baby Birthday Parties in One Day

I’m still struggling to understand how this happened. Our son is 13 months old, doesn’t know what a birthday is and quite frankly isn’t interested in playing with other kids. Despite this we have somehow signed up to spend our Saturday at 2 separate baby birthday parties. Two. On the last moderately sunny day for the next four. The break between them will of course be consumed by naptime and they will be bounded on the outside by naps and feeding.

I would like to propose that it be made acceptable, no, expected that in the event a baby is invited to more than one baby-related event in a given day, that the earlier of those events will be given precidence and those that follow should not anticipate attendance. Further, no guilt shall be felt by, or laid by any party involved. All those in favor press your Escape key repeatedly in support.

UPDATE: survived them… And holy crap does fondant ever send kids through the roof.

Swimming lessons for infants and babies

This one’s thrown me for a bit of a loop. Our son LOVES bathtime and looks forward to it every night. For the longest time he would scream as soon as we took him out, wanting desperately to return to his tub and water toys. This seemed to carry over to a trip we took when he was about 8 months old. The weather cooperated and we were able to go swimming in the complex’s swimming pool pretty much every day. Our son’s reaction was similar to his daily baths. He loved the pool. He was happy to splash about for as long as we’d let him, kicking his legs and attempting to mimic his mother as she blew bubbles and motored him around in the warm water.

Fast forward to his first birthday. We’ve registered our son in weekly swimming classes geared specifically for infants his age. Either my wife or I join him in the pool throughout the session and play the primary role in moving him about in the water, following the instructor’s guidance. Here’s the thing, despite being surrounded by other children his age who seem to enjoy their baby swimming lessons, and despite the pool water being quite warm, he appears not at all pleased to be there. Week after week his face shows concern while in the pool and in cases where he’s temporarily given over to the instructor before being returns (via the water) to one of us he lets loose completely.

I’m hoping this is just a temporary thing and that he’ll warm up to both the instructors and the public pool because at this point he gets upset enough that it disrupts the session for the other families involved.

Any suggestions are eagerly welcomed.

Baby Sunscreen. Here Comes The Sun.

So after a pretty dreary spring and early summer the sun has arrived and it’s arrived with a vengeance. The sun rises early and chases away the clouds on a daily basis, beating down on the poor folks who forgot to apply sunscreen before they left for the day… but not our son.

After trying a few different baby sunscreen options we’ve settled on Aveeno Baby Sunscreen, and specifically the Aveeno Baby Sunblock SPF-55.

Why the Aveeno Baby? Well, I won’t say its the best as we only tried a couple before we settled on this one so there may well be others that are as good or better, but the Aveeno sunblock seems to meet our needs.

  • It has a very light, unobtrusive smell.
  • It goes on easily and isn’t sticky or greasy
  • It is easy to apply and doesn’t leave our little guy streaked with white
  • It is reasonably priced

Believe me, easy to apply and not greasy are KEY. Once you start to apply the sunscreen if your baby is anything like ours they’ll have little patience as you rub it on. Further, the greasier it is the harder it will be to contain your child, and so the harder it will be to finish applying the sunscreen :)

I’ll also mention that my sister in law highly recommends Badger Baby Sunscreen though we’ve never tried it. For now I think we’ll stick with Aveeno if for no other reason that the Aveeno Baby is SPF 55 while the Badger Baby sunscreen appears to be SPF 30-35.

Anyway, hoping this will help some folks looking for options where the products they’ve tried to date haven’t met their needs. Good luck!