People look at me funny when I tell them how old the Kidlet is

8lbs 2oz at birth isn’t a terribly large baby. It’s certainly not small, but in the grand scheme of large babies passing through small holes its not huge either. That said, at 9 weeks the size difference between the Kidlet and other children of similar age is… ahem… noticeable. After a checkup we’ve been reassured that there’s nothing to worry about, that despite his being in the 95th percentile for virtually every measurement there’s no need to consider restricted diet. Everything is fine. That said I think I’ll take a more active role in positioning him beside things that de-emphasize is stature, at least until college scouts are able to start checking him out.

So to you, lady in the street who asked Kidlet’s age then virtually recoiled in shock, I say save your horror for the true monsters :)

They’re out there. Surely they are. Leave the Kidlet alone.

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