More recommendations for a baby nail trimmer

Click here to view the Zo-li Buzz B Nail Trimmer on Amazon

A short while back I wrote about how trimming my little guy’s finger nails completely freaks me out and I’m just waiting for the day when I mess up and pinch is finger. Anyway, I heard from the folks over at the Baby Products Mommy Blog who had posted recently about the Buzz B. While I was, and remain somewhat hesitant to admit I can’t pull off nail trimming they assure me that the Buzz B will get the job done without screaming, crying or parental guilt.

If I can find one for a reasonable price here in Canada I’ll go for it, otherwise it’s a run for the border to pick up a Zo-li Buzz B Nail Trimmer from Amazon… though I will be giving the Safety 1st Prograde Gentle Vibes Nail Filer a look given its slightly better rating and lower price.

Until then I’ll continue to tie stupid little mittens on his hands before we put him down to sleep.

Click here to view the Zo-li Buzz B Nail Trimmer on Amazon

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